How to replace the login interface of Windows7?

Q: How to change the login interface of Windows7?

Windows 7 users can now change the background of their login interface. But in order to achieve this step, the user must modify the registry to create a new background image directory. This feature seems to be designed for OEMs, allowing them to use their own brand-related login interface background images. Now, Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic have other ways to change the background of the login interface.
But you can only choose Windows default or OEM background image, right click on the desktop to select personalize:

Then you can choose the system comes with or OEM background image:

Of course, If you want to customize your Windows 7 login interface, you can look for simpler tools without modifying the registry. For example, the Windows 7 optimization master we just introduced, it can replace the login interface, very convenient, do not like to Can be restored immediately, interested friends to download an installation trial.
Download: Windows7 Optimization Master Latest Edition

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