Win7 Manager shows recycle icon

Many times, the power of habit is strong. When you get used to one thing, unless you have to, you will not take the initiative to change it. This is especially true for the operating system. When we used it for many years under XP, it was almost completely accustomed to its interface menu layout, operation mode and so on. At this point, if a new system wants to replace it, it is best not to change too much, at least on the surface can not be too outrageous, otherwise the speed of the user accepting it will be greatly reduced, or even completely ignore it.
Unfortunately, Vista happens to be such a typical negative textbook. Too many new things are difficult for users to accept, not to mention the poor backward compatibility when it comes out. Although Vista has not been able to shake the status of XP, but for more than two years, Vista has left a lot of impressions, so for today's Windows 7 feels not so bad, more to try it with curiosity. Just because of the habits, many people will try to change the settings of Windows 7, I hope it is more like XP.
For example, in the XP era, double-click "My Computer" will see each disk drive and control panel, and retreat to the top of the "desktop" will see icons such as Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin.
And in Windows 7, the two icons of the Recycle Bin and Control Panel are really gone, the Control Panel icon is moved below the address bar and replaced with text; as for the Recycle Bin icon it seems to disappear completely in the Explorer. It is.
In fact, these two icons may not be used by you at all, but after you lose them, you will feel uncomfortable and want to retrieve these two icons? No problem, it takes only a few seconds to retrieve them. Open the "Organization" menu in the top left corner of the computer, click on the "Folders and Search Options" box, and select the two options under "Navigation pane" and finally OK.
Now return to & ldquo; computer & rdquo;, look at the list on the left, the desktop, control panel, recycle bin have appeared. In addition, the relatively independent library, personal folders, computers, networks, etc. are all attributed to the desktop. Is there a feeling of XP?
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