Quickly find shared files in Windows 7

Method 1, the resource manager folder
We only need to set the following to see if the file is shared.
Show the folder in the "Details" view, then right click in the title line of the folder and select “Other”;

In “Select Details&rdquo Find and select “share status” and “shared” in the list and confirm ——

At this point, we can see in the detail view In the current folder, which folders have been shared and which folders are not shared;

“Shared”: indicates that the folder has been shared to the network through the file sharing function of Windows, other equipment vendors You can see the folder.
“Special“: indicates that the folder can only be accessed as the current user. Other users must enter the current user account, otherwise the shared folder cannot be accessed.
Method 2, Command Prompt
The above method can only check whether the subfolders in a folder have been shared, but what if you want to view all the shared folders in the current system? First, use one Simple commands can be quickly viewed in the command prompt:
Net share
The effect after running is as follows:

Because the small computer does not have a shared file, so you can't see which ones Resources are shared.
Three, use Rubik's cube or Win7 optimization master inside the shared management
This shared management function is in the Rubik's Cube or Win7 optimization master, network settings -> network sharing settings, not only can display the current shared folder and Other hidden system settings can also be restricted, of course we recommend to disable the default share.

If you feel that the command line is not powerful enough, you can also use the “Share Folder” management console in Windows7 to graphically manage and view all shared files. Folder. The way to open the management console is very simple. You can select ““Manage” in the “Computer” context menu to open “Computer Management": or run directly in the Start menu“fsmgmt.msc“ You can open a separate "shared folder" management window directly. In the "Shared" panel, we can not only see all the folders that have been shared, but also how many users are currently connected to this folder, which is very intuitive:

Not only This management console also supports directly creating a new shared folder or closing a share.

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