Win7 automatic update restart prompt closes settings

As a user of Windows 7, you should have a deep understanding of this, that is, every time Windows 7 installs an automatically updated patch, a prompt will pop up asking you to restart the computer, although you can choose to delay 4 hours, but you have no options. Can be completely rejected, and after 4 hours there will suddenly be a restart countdown to ask you to restart, accidentally wrong to make a cup. This design is really annoying, it is important to install the update, but it is really uncomfortable to harass the user to ask for the restart. Then I will teach you how to completely disable this annoying function.
The specific modification method is as follows:
1, open the start menu, select “run”, enter “gpedit.msc” and press Enter, then pop up “local group policy editing”window;

2. Expand "Computer Configuration" & mdash;>“Administrative Templates”—>“Windows Components" and select Windows Update;

3 In the list on the right, find and double-click "For the computer with the logged-in user, the scheduled automatic update installation does not perform the restart" option, change the status setting in the pop-up window, will be "not configured" Change to "Enable", and finally click OK to close the “Local Group Policy Edit" window.

After completing the above operation, when Windows 7 is updated every time, it will not end up reminding you to restart the system. Is it a lot of comfort? Of course, if there is time to install the update, it will restart. It's better.

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