Open Win7 administrator account Avoid operation permission prompt

For security reasons, Win7 will close the administrator account by default, but this will bring inconvenience to the usual operation. For example, when deleting certain files in the system disk, the prompt that the current account does not have the operation permission is often popped up. The operation of opening the Win7 administrator account is not complicated. If you really need this feature and can ensure the security of the system, you can manually open the Win7 administrator account according to the following aspects.
Click the Start button, right click on “Computer”, select “Manage”. Click “yes" in the "User Account Control" window that pops up to open “Computer Management”.

Open System Management Settings
In the "Computer Management" window, navigate to “Local Users and Groups->Users". Click to expand the "Users" item.

Expand User Items
In the details window on the right, right click on “Administrator”, select “Properties”.

Open the Administrator property
By default, the "Account is disabled" option in the Administrator Properties window is checked. We need to uncheck it and press “OK> to save your changes.

Cancel account disable settings

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