Let Win7 system display file extension

Xiaobai wants to download a software through the webpage, the download process is very smooth, the speed is also very fast, but the downloaded software can not be opened, and several downloads are still the same. Helpless, I have to ask my colleagues. At the beginning, my colleagues also felt strange that the downloaded file name had no problem and the size was normal, that is, it could not be run. After some research, I finally found out where the problem lies. It turns out that when the browser used by Xiaobai downloads the exe type file, in order to prevent the download of malware, it automatically adds another extension to the file. The extension is the key to determine the file attribute. After the modification, the file type changes. So, can't run. The white Win7 system does not display the file extension by default, so this problem has not been discovered in time. After colleagues helped Xiaobai solve this problem, he also taught Xiao Bai how to let Win7 system display the file extension.
The operation is very simple. First, click on “Organize> in the menu bar of the folder, and then open the “ folder and search options”.



Uncheck "“ Hide extensions for known file types"
Finally, click the “OK” button to save the settings. Go back to the folder and see that all file extensions are displayed.

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