Windows 7 refuses wireless router troubleshooting example


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I recently installed Windows 7 for my computer and found that I can't log in to any webpage with IE. Check the connection status of the wireless router and find that the signal is strong but it has not been able to connect successfully. I thought that the WPA wireless password I set was changed, so I re-set it and still can't connect successfully. Then wireless encryption was cancelled, but the result is still unable to connect.

Many times, the system affects the normal use of the wireless network. Is the wireless router malfunctioning? I used a network cable to connect to the wireless router and computer, but found that the computer can access the Internet. Obviously, there is no problem with the wireless connection of the wireless router.

Is the wireless function of the wireless router malfunctioning? I tried to connect to the wireless network in Windows Vista and found that the wireless connection is very smooth. No way, I had to find a friend who also installed Windows 7, wirelessly connected to the author's wireless router with his computer, but found that there is also the problem of not being able to connect. Therefore, the author judges that the wireless router may conflict with the wireless network system of Windows 7. I replaced a Huawei 3Com wbr204g wireless router for testing and found that the Windows 7 system is smoothly connected to the wireless router and can access the Internet. It seems that the author's wireless router is really a problem.

Since the wireless router is not compatible with the Windows 7 wireless network system, does it mean that it must be replaced? In order to save money, the author decided to find the relevant information of the wireless router first, in order to further troubleshoot. On the management page of the wireless router, I found that its firmware version is 4.2.0 Build 081225, which should be released in December 2008. It is relatively old, and Windows 7 was released in October 2009. It seems that it may be wireless. The router firmware does not support Windows 7. On the official website of the wireless router, I downloaded the relevant firmware updated on July 30, 2009. After upgrading the firmware, I found that the firmware version of the wireless router has been updated to 4.2.0 Build 090730.

Can updating the firmware solve the problem? After setting the network parameters, the author's Windows 7 no longer refuses the wireless router, and finally can surf the Internet under Windows 7.

The problem is

In addition to the hardware system, the wireless router also has a software system that directs hardware work - firmware. Users generally manage wireless routers with a simple web page mode, and it is likely that the web page is actually the outer shell of the wireless router software system. When the Internet is unavailable, the user can check the working status of the wireless router through the management page of the wireless router. If the wireless router is working properly but cannot connect to the wireless network under Windows 7, it is likely that the wireless router's software system is not compatible with Windows 7's wireless connection. Many older wireless routers did not take into account the applications under Windows 7 when designing the firmware. Therefore, Windows 7 rejected the wireless router.


Microsoft claims that Windows 7 is perfectly compatible with more than 90% of its hardware. In other words, Windows 7 still has some hardware conflicts. At present, the setting of the wireless router has been fooled, upgrading the firmware is easy, and users who are ready to use Windows 7 should upgrade the firmware of the wireless router in time.

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