Microsoft PR Manager: Win7 steals Apple Mac OSX is insider nonsense


This morning, I just reported that Microsoft officials in the interview gave Oolong the message that Windows7's graphical interface design sneaked out Apple's Mac OSX (see: "Microsoft: Windows 7 graphical interface "learn" Apple Mac OS X). But soon Microsoft's public relations manager Brandon LeBlanc posted a post on the Windows blog to refute this statement, the post said that the official did not participate in the Windows7 design process, so its statement about the Windows7 graphical interface design is not accurate.

This post provides links to articles from the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, and also provides a Windows 7 development blog for readers who want to understand the real design process of Windows 7. Article link. And said the content of these articles can truly reflect the design process of Windows7.

A link to the Microsoft Windows 7 development blog: Taskbar.aspx

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