Bring your own tools! Enter math formulas in Windows 7


Normally, when we need to enter a formula, it is cumbersome to always open Word first and then call the formula editor for input. In fact, if you have already used Windows 7, you can use the simpler method …

Press the Windows key on the keyboard to activate the “Start Search” box, enter “ldquo;math” in here, press After the next enter key, you will see the search results shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Select “Math Input Panel” to double-click the math input panel component built into Windows 7 (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

The next step is much simpler, using the handwriting input device or mouse here to “write” the formula (see Figure 3).

Figure 3

If you get an error during formula editing, you can first click the “select and correct” button on the right side, then use the mouse to drag and select Need to change the content, release the mouse and pop up the corresponding correction options, as shown in Figure 4, how to change it, needless to say? After the input is complete, click the “Insert”” button in the lower right corner to enter the formula editing position of Word 2007.

Figure 4

To exit the math input panel, right-click the program icon from the system tray area and select “Exit” from the shortcut menu. If you want to put the shortcut of the formula input panel on the desktop, you can create a new shortcut with the path """%CommonProgramFiles%\\Microsoft Shared\\Ink\\mip.exe"”, interested friends may wish Give it a try.

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