Solve the garbled failure of Windows 7 beta test version


Install QQ2009, WinRAR and Thunder and other software, but found that the installation interface is garbled, the running interface after installation also shows garbled (pictured), after some exploration, finally solve the problem. Here is the experience for everyone.

First click on the “Start” menu, open the Control Panel, double-click "Change Display Language" in the Control Panel, and open the "Regional and Language Options" dialog box. In the Format tab, set the Format to: Chinese (Simplified, Chinese); in the Position tab, set the current position to: China; in the Keyboard and Language tab, select the display language as: Chinese (Simplified); In the Manage tab, click the “Change System Locale" button to set the current system locale to: Chinese (Simplified, Chinese), then restart your computer. After running WinRAR and Thunder, the Simplified Chinese interface of the software is displayed normally.

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