Improvements in ease of use in the Win 7 operating system


Michael Bernstein, head of development for the Microsoft UI platform team, has been paying attention to the ease of use of Windows. Here are some thoughts on his ease of use for Window 7:

Michael is committed to making Windows 7 the most usable operating system in Microsoft's history. But the concept of ease of use is far from being as simple as the word. Since the problem itself is complex, the answer is naturally not simple. Michael explained the improvement of Window 7 in this aspect from four aspects.

1. Building a UI Automation Foundation

In Vista, Microsoft introduced a new core component of ease of use called UI Automation. UI automation allows users to make operations simple with the help of computer-aided technology.

While in Windows 7, Michael spent a lot of time and effort improving the performance of UI Automation and developing a new native API to ensure that it can be used effectively by more computer-assisted. Currently, programs developed in C++ and .Net can make good use of this technology.

2.Improve some of the built-in usability enhancement tools

The Michael team has also improved some of the tools built into Windows. Microsoft has maintained a good relationship with many counting machine auxiliary software vendors, enabling these manufacturers to provide a better user experience for disabled users. However, as Windows itself, some related tools are built in, in order to ensure that Windows is extremely easy to use without any software installed. In Windows 7, the virtual keyboard and magnifying glass were mainly improved.

Virtual keyboard:

*More beautiful appearance

*Adjustable size

*Tablet users can switch between handwriting and typing < Br>


*Provide full screen mode and lens mode

*When the widget bar is not used, it will gradually become translucent as a watermark

Simplified software becomes easier

Windows APIs alone do not provide usability, so Michael and his team developed a tool called UI Accessibility Checker to test the ease of use of the software. And provide advice.

4. Ordering for ease of use from the first day

In order to make Windows itself extremely easy to use, each line of code is completed before each planned Windows The features of 7 will be graded for ease of use.

Xiaobian: Regardless of how people are approaching Microsoft, no matter how or how Windows 7 will be, Microsoft and its employees are not only based on ordinary users, but also for the disabled. It is very admirable.

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