Windows7, such as a woman, Chrome,


Recently, the operating system field is really lively. First, the release of Windows7 has aroused many people's hatred of Vista and yearning for the new operating system. Then, Chrome OS appeared. Although many people have been wondering what this operating system will look like before, there are enough psychological preparations. But I really wait until Chrome OS comes out, presumably there are countless pieces of glasses below.

In fact, I have been paying attention to Chrome OS recently. On the one hand, GOOGLE is a guy who doesn’t follow the common sense. Today, when the interest in the IT industry is growing, there is a way to get together. The company is still quite good. In addition, Microsoft's operating system is so popular that it has spread to the level of people's minds. However, the Chrome released a few days ago can really become a weapon against WINDOWS (now WIN7)?

I really didn't understand many of the promotional texts of Chrome OS, but I remembered a few. 1, can not install by yourself. 2. Desktop programs are not supported. 3. Users are not allowed to store any data on the local machine. 4. Under the offline state, almost nothing can be done.

I am thiophene, is this still an operating system? Or use a browser to open the login interface of a website?

Of course, GOOGLE has a set of his own rhetoric, which sounds very good. The future is the era of cloud computing and network storage. It doesn't require local hard drives or local computing power. Everything is done by the cloud.

咱 Admit that this grand goal of communism is achievable on a certain day, but it should not be when we are young. Imagine the current conditions and tariffs for the Internet in cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and people can’t help but feel sad. Of course, this is not the biggest problem. The data is not on the computer. If you put it on the server, if you sell it, we don’t have a photo every day.

Of course, GOOGLE may have a file management system in the era of cloud computing to ensure that your data will not be easily lost or leaked. However, this data on the server has two problems. First, who can guarantee that they can access the Internet anytime, anywhere, China is not moving and can not connect in many times, the performance is still normal. Second, who will provide the storage space for this data? Is the payment paid for service? If this is the case, then in order to reverse the inherent habits and ways of thinking of the Chinese people, it is estimated that Google will organize a priest group of tens of thousands of people to go.

In contrast to Win7, it does have a lot of problems as its predecessors. He will continue to scream at Uncle Gates in the days that follow. But what about Win7 is also the object that you are familiar with. Just like the yellow-faced woman at home, even if you are so dissatisfied with her, I am thinking about divorce. But I have to admit that it still has a meaning of existence. But what about Chrome? It is very powerful and forward-looking and is the future direction of development. Well, perfect is like a saint, not right, just like a god.

However, for those of us who are ordinary folks, we still respect ghosts and gods.

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