Can Microsoft Windows 7 end Vista nightmare


On October 23, Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows 7, was officially launched. Liang Nianjian, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman and CEO of Greater China, said that new PCs, including netbooks, notebooks, desktops, and all-in-ones, will be pre-installed with Windows 7 and will stop selling Windows XP at the same time. Windows Vista will soon die soon.

Windows 7 naming is puzzling

Microsoft's naming of Windows serial versions has been very confusing, apparently hope that users can impress every new version, forget the old version as soon as possible .

Microsoft has named Windows 1, Windows 2, and Windows 3. Then began to name the software release year such as Windows95 and Windows 98, while the professional version is named 4.0. Windows 2000 Professional is also named according to the release year. In 2001, Microsoft named the new operating system Windows XP, "XP" is an incomplete abbreviation for the word "experience."

There is no doubt that the combination of two letters does not reflect Microsoft's goal for the next generation of operating systems, and then the choice is to choose a new name, which is Vista. Vista's market performance is quite mediocre, so that the always-famous Microsoft face lost, forcing Microsoft to "break" and launch a new version of Windows7.

The official statement from Microsoft is that "7" stands for the seventh version of Windows. According to Microsoft's disk algorithm, they counted from Windows NT 4.0, considering XP and 2000 as the fifth version of Windows, and Vista as the sixth version. In this way, the new version of Windows is naturally "Windows7."

XP into Windows 7 blocking the road

In 2006, Microsoft WindowsVista released. Due to slow system startup, poor compatibility, unstable performance, etc., many users have reinstalled the previous generation of Windows XP, and after the rise of the netbook, the XP system was basically adopted. Can't help but say that Vista is a big failure in Microsoft's history. For this reason, Windows 7 is regarded as a lifeline by Microsoft.

According to Liang Nianjian, after the release of Windows 7, Microsoft could not require these three generations of operating systems to exist at the same time. Windows XP, which has been on the market for 8 years, has not kept up with the development of the industry in terms of security and Internet applications. "Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP." Liang Nianjian said. For the controversial Vista, he said that except for the special applications of very few companies, most PC manufacturers decided to switch to Windows7. This means that Windows 7 will be released on the same day as Vista and XP.

However, the introduction of Windows XP in 2001 not only hindered the user's transition to Vista operating system, but also the biggest problem facing Windows 7. More than 90% of companies worldwide still use the XP operating system.

But Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft is quite confident that Windows 7 will be used to restore Vista's decline.

Computer manufacturers expect to drive sales

Computer makers, which have been led by Microsoft and Intel, have been more excited about Windows 7 after the financial crisis. In fact, when Windows7 was released in China, a total of 21 computer manufacturers and Microsoft reached a partnership. On the day of the release, there were already more than 180 Windows 7 computers on the market.

Liu Jie, vice president of Lenovo Group, said that Windows 7 has a good improvement in user experience and speed. I believe that there will be good performance in the market. At present, more than 30 existing models of Lenovo have installed new systems. In addition, Acer, Dell also said that Windows7 will drive the change of business computers, and is expected to break out in the second half of next year.

With the pain of Vista, Microsoft is more cautious. Ballmer said that Windows 7 can only drive a small increase in PC sales, and will not drive PC shipments to a large extent.

But some analysts believe that because Windows 7 adds multi-touch and other multimedia technologies, it will play a role in the upstream and downstream industries such as touch screens.

Apple calls Windows 7 essential or Vista

On June 9, Apple executive Bertrand Celette said at the World Developers Conference (WWDC) that the essence of Microsoft Windows 7 is still WindowsVista.

Celet said that, like Microsoft's previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 is still so complicated. He said: "Fundamentally, Windows 7 is just another version of Windows Vista." It means only a vest. Just as Microsoft officially released Windows 7, three new ads made by Apple for Windows 7 were also aired.

Apple's new series of ads is called "Get Mac." As always, there are characters in the ad that represent PCs and Macs. The first ad was called "Unfinished Commitment," and the ad mainly replayed Microsoft's commitment to previous versions of Windows. The second advertisement is called "swinging." In the ad, a Windows user chooses not to upgrade XP and replace the computer with a Mac. The protagonist said: "I can stick to the products I know, but the products I know can only cause trouble and disappointment." The third advertisement is called "PC News." In the advertisement, a news host representing the PC was connected to the reporter in front of the Windows 7 release process, but it had disastrous consequences. (李长桃)

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Windows 7 piracy is beginning to spread

The piracy problem of operating systems has been plaguing Microsoft. Earlier, Microsoft sued "Tomato Garden" has caused waves in the market, and earlier, Microsoft's "black" pirated Windows XP user desktop move has attracted a lot of criticism. The industry believes that this is exactly what Microsoft is paving the way for Windows 7 to be listed. However, this series of actions still fails to avoid the early listing of a large number of pirated Windows 7. A few months before the official launch of Windows 7, the pirated Windows 7 in several major cities in the country appeared at prices ranging from $5 to $20. At the same time, Windows 7 activation code has long been flooding the Internet.

In response, Microsoft said that the anti-piracy version of Windows 7 will implement a new strategy of "not only not black screen". Liang Nianjian revealed that piracy can be used in China because of the volume license key. "But this is not feasible on Windows 7. If the user does not pass the verification, (Windows7) will not be activated." In addition, if the user does not pass the verification. The system will continue to “remind” the user to purchase genuine software, but will not continue to adopt the previous “black screen plan”.

Previously, Microsoft (China) conducted a comprehensive investigation into the pirated Windows 7 that had appeared on the market. The results show that the proportion of Windows 7 in pirated operating systems has exceeded 1/3, and from the 49 pirated samples that have been collected, 7 samples are not installed at all, and another 5 samples also contain Trojan viruses.

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