Windows 7 is coming to make it easier for you to use the computer


On October 23, Microsoft announced the official release of the latest Windows 7 operating system in the Chinese market. According to Microsoft, the release of Windows 7 is based on a simple premise: making it easier for people to do what they want on a personal computer.

Dr. Huang Haiping from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications told reporters that before the latest Microsoft operating system Vista, although the interface was very "cool", it was dubbed by the Chinese users as "feed it" because users should use it. System, you need to spend a lot of money to update the computer hardware, in order to meet Vista's "appetite", and Windows7's memory is similar to WindowsXP, does not require users to improve the computer configuration. This is a big advantage of Windows 7.

Huang Haiping said that compared with Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7 can be said to "take its essence and go to its dregs", retaining most of the powerful features of the former two, and deleting some flashy things. Or simplified, such as the beautiful picture browser in Vista, video production software, etc., making Windows7 more concise and practical. At the same time, Windows 7 has a multi-layered security system that protects against viruses, spyware, and more.

In addition, the most intuitive change in the Windows 7 interface is the taskbar. Now, the minimized window on the taskbar can preview the content directly, as long as the mouse hovers over the window icon; this avoids the trouble of restoring the taskbar window one by one under WindowsXP and looking for your own program. When the mouse is at the far right of the taskbar, the windows on the desktop are "vitrified" to reveal the bottommost desktop. The most practical is the "shake" function. When the desktop is spread over the window, the mouse clicks on the title bar of the window that you want to leave, don't let go, shake the mouse, and all other windows are minimized.

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