Windows7, hello


October 22, is the official listing of Microsoft Windows7, due to jet lag, China officially announced the date of listing will be October 23. (October 22, the new express)

Windows7 is coming, it is very rushed, stepping on the broken fence of the tomato garden, Hong Lei is helpless in the distance; Windows7 is coming, it is very urgent On the dusty CD of ViSTA, ViSTA is not willing to lament.

Anyway, since I came, I would like to ask you: Windows7, hello!

But it is doomed that you will not be very good. If 5 years ago, if it was 8 years ago, people would cheer, but today, many people are already numb, because people are getting tired of Microsoft, and even trying to get rid of this giant's bondage.

It is said that you are very gorgeous, but whoever cares about this dazzling color besides the extremely individual and noble advocates? Some people say that you are very fast, but who is faster to use? Some people say that you are low enough, you can compare with the penny, you are still expensive enough. Are you safe? The world is no longer safe; are you responsible? You are only responsible for the pocket of capital.

I know that XP is destined to be swept into the history of the museum, as long as Microsoft wants to do this, then he can always; I understand that ViSTA will not disappear for a long time, because Microsoft must have a reserve army; I know that Windows 7 will eventually become Microsoft's chess player. This is a trend, but this is not historically driven and is driven by Microsoft.

I said a long time ago that Windows 7 is destined to be untimely, and I still think so. You may be a successful product, but you will never be a successful product. The PC has long been a dusk industry, and the operating system is also the same. The era of profiteering in the software industry has long since passed, and now it is not a decade ago. Here, we will not consider the ChromeOS that Google is developing.

Perhaps Windows7 will be a watershed in the decline of the Microsoft Empire, because in addition to the software industry, Microsoft is not the industry leader in any aspect, and it is not a good strategy to develop Windows7. I am not wrong, does Microsoft have an Apple iPhone? Does Microsoft have a Google search engine? At the moment, even if Windows 7 sells big?

In today's global monopoly on Microsoft, Windows7's embarrassment is even more tragic. If China's antitrust against Microsoft starts from Windows 7, then Windows7 will leave a new era in Chinese history. a sum. Now that the smell of gunpowder is getting weaker, it is even more important for the Chinese to beat Microsoft.

Anyway, Windows7 falls to the ground, I welcome the arrival of this historic newborn, but no one can predict it tomorrow!

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