China's wisdom shines Win 7 successfully completes compatibility testing and other work


"Windows7 is the Microsoft work that contains the most 'Chinese DNA' ever." Microsoft Hong Kong R & D Group Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Asia Engineering Institute Dean Zhang Hongjiang on Windows7 Evaluation.

This new generation of operating system Windows7, which integrates Chinese wisdom, was officially released in China on the 23rd of this month.

China Power, Boosting Microsoft Upgrades

"The Chinese team has laid a solid foundation for the successful launch of Windows7." Zhang Yaqin, senior vice president of Microsoft Corporation and chairman of Microsoft China R&D Group, said. Whether it is the improvement of system performance or the testing and improvement of product compatibility, Windows7 is a combination of the efforts and efforts of the Chinese team.

In the Windows 7 development process, software compatibility testing and error debugging in 22 languages ​​other than English were completed by the Microsoft China R&D Group Windows International team and local partners.

The team of the Microsoft China R&D Group Hardware Innovation Center not only ensures the full compatibility of the Chinese market hardware with Windows 7, but also designs some customized features for Chinese users.

Zhang Hongjiang revealed that in the development of Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows 8, the Chinese team will also play an important role in MSXML and performance improvement.

Chinese elements, localization benefits China

"This will be the Microsoft operating system with the most Chinese characteristics in history." Zhang Yaqin said.

In the desktop background selection of Windows7, the six pictures of the Lijiang River at dusk, the Great Wall in the snow, the Huangshan Mountain in the winter, the terraced fields in the morning fog, the Yalong Bay Beach, and the Kunming Lake 17-hole Bridge were successfully selected in Chinese. Version of Windows 7 desktop background library. At the same time, in order to display Chinese culture in three dimensions, it also provides oriental music as a booting sound, revealing a strong Chinese flavor.

For some ethnic minority users, they will not only feel the Chinese elements of Windows7 from pictures and sounds. Windows 7 has added three kinds of minority languages: Dehong Yuwen, Xishuangbanna Xinyi and Ba Si Bawen. "I believe that the participation of these minority languages ​​will promote the popularization of informatization in minority areas and the preservation of China's intangible culture," Zhang Yaqin said.

The relevant person in charge of Microsoft also said that in the future design of Windows8, it will be closer to the usage habits of Chinese users, enabling Chinese users to get a better online experience on Windows.

In the process of continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation by Microsoft China R&D Group, every small advancement in technology is a big leap for the global industry. Zhang Yaqin said that Windows 7 is a milestone product. It is not only a software, but also a platform, which reflects Microsoft's future development philosophy, namely, China's intellectual creation, and the world.

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