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DirectDraw in Windows 7 can't be disabled.

In the Windows XP era, many users have been troubled by the "black image" after the video screenshot.

In this regard, the screenshots that appear in the local playback are blackened. There are generally two methods that can be used to solve the problem.

One method is to use two different players and open them at the same time. The same file; another method is to disable DirectDraw.

Users familiar with Windows XP and Windows7 should know (by default), DirectDraw is enabled in both Windows XP and Windows 7 under

. The difference is that under Windows XP, users can disable it,

and under Windows 7, it can't be disabled, which means that Windows 7 users can't pass the method of

“Disable DirectDraw” Solve the problem that the screenshot turns black.

By default, DirectDraw in Windows 7 cannot be disabled, but we can disable it by

other workarounds:

Method 1: Modify the registry

Under Windows 7, run the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\GraphicsDrivers\\DCI,

then find and double-click "Timeout” in the right window, then In the pop-up window, change the

default value “7” to “0”.

After the modification is completed, save the settings to exit, and then take effect the next time you start.

Method 2: Installing Windwos7 Dedicated Drivers

Some Windows 7 users may find that after modifying the registry and restarting the computer,

DirectDraw is still enabled under Windows 7. That is to say, by modifying the

registry method, the purpose of disabling DirectDraw is not achieved.

This situation occurs because Windows7 differs from Windows XP in terms of graphics driver.

Some graphics card users need to download and install dedicated drivers under Windows 7, some public version drivers, < Br>

And some drivers under Windows XP, they can not modify the state of DirectDraw under Windwos7.

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