Teach you a reasonable partition of hard disk space in Windows7 computer


Now many friends buy computers are directly to buy brand computers, pre-installed Windows7 system quality is guaranteed, but the new computer is not divided after the boot disk space, dealers will often ask you How to divide the hard disk, if you say casually, then usually, the hard disk of the new Win7 computer will be divided into two partitions, C and D. This is the way for the staff to save time, but obviously this is not suitable. Our daily work needs, and the current mainstream configuration of the hard disk is 500GB or 1TB large hard disk, it is too inconvenient to divide the data into two partitions. Therefore, a reasonable partition of the hard disk is very necessary.

As a system C drive, its importance is self-evident. Only the system disk has enough space to ensure the stable operation of the system, in order to give full play to the overall performance of the computer. By default, Windows 7 system files take up about 8GB of space, including system files, page files (which take up about 1.5 times the memory), and hibernate files (which take up about the same amount of memory). In addition, the space required for cache files, temporary files, etc., in general, Microsoft recommended to install Windows7 system partition size is 15GB, which means that the C drive can not be less than 15GB. But in actual use, we will install a lot of software, the system will also generate cache files, temporary files, etc., if the C disk space is used later, if it is too small, it will affect the running speed of the computer, so if your new computer hard disk space is enough Large, we recommend to divide some C disks, such as 80 or 100GB, and adjust them flexibly according to the total amount of hard disk space.

After the system C disk is divided, it is necessary to consider what the remaining disks are usually used to save, such as work-specific, entertainment-specific, backup-specific, etc. For game fans, use them as much as possible. The disk space allocation for saving the game is larger. After all, the current game is 10GB, and it is not tangled when you want to install two games. At the same time, the disk used to store movie and TV dramas also needs to allocate a large space. Nowadays, high-definition video is popular. Some high-definition films have dozens of GB, and there is not enough space for storage. Even if there are seeds in hand, they are anxious!

Windows7 system powerful disk management functions

The combination of these factors above, you can consider yourself a reasonable allocation of Windows7 computer multiple disks, if it was assigned a disk feeling The space is big or small, and the Windows 7 system also provides a convenient disk tool that allows us to easily adjust. Enter the computer management window, find the disk management options, we can simply adjust the size of each disk, and will not affect the data. In short, Windows7 system can also have "repent drugs", which is better than the past The XP era is so moving that the entire disk format is much more convenient!

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