Win7 fault repair: "Cannot find the project" error solving Dafa


When deleting a file or folder using the Windows 7 system, an error message "The item cannot be found" may appear again, "Try again" and it will not help, today is Let's briefly summarize the reasons and solutions for this problem.

The solution for the different reasons for this problem:

First: There is a problem with the disk file index, causing the deleted folder to still exist, but again Deleted but the problem occurred.

Resolution: Defragment the disk to repair the partition.

Second: The file or folder name does not conform to the Windows naming convention, contains special characters, and so on. For example, the anti-delete Ghost folder, which adds special characters.

Resolution: You can delete it with the batch file mentioned below.

Third: Use the folder created by the download tool to delete the file yourself before the download is complete.

Resolution: Retry after the download is complete, or retry after downloading the software.

Fourth: There is a daemon.

Solution: Try to use the Rubik's Cube Optimization Master's "File Unlock" to unlock and try to delete.

Fifth: Trojan horse, or be hidden by malicious

Solution: Install and update the anti-virus software for a comprehensive scan. If you can't check it, you can reinstall the system.

The ultimate delete batch file

1, copy and paste the following code into a new txt Notepad document, and save as a del.bat file (or your favorite name), note The extension is called batch file bat.

DEL /F /A /Q \\\\?\\%1 RD /S /Q \\\\?\\%1

2. Drag the file or folder you want to delete to The batch file icon can be deleted.

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