Seven reasons for people to love the Windows7 system


2012 has arrived, but also adhere to the XP system that has been used for ten years? Too out! Win7 system, don't say you haven't used it, let alone you haven't heard of it! More than 450 million genuine users all over the world are using Windows 7 computers. If you use Windows 7 for a long time, I feel that there are some highlights. I can really summarize the eight highlights to help you have a comprehensive understanding of Windows 7 system.
1. Speed ​​is king.
With the powerful 64-bit support, Windows7 brings significant performance improvements. The main performance is: take up less memory and run the background service only when needed. This allows you to run programs that users use faster and to hibernate, recover, and reconnect to the network more quickly.
2. The desktop is cooler
Win7 desktop has a very cool feeling. The buttons on the taskbar are larger and can be previewed in full size; Jump List provides shortcuts to files, folders, and websites; mouse drag and drop operations, desktop perspective and shaking effects make it easy to switch between windows The program can be locked to the Windows 7 taskbar for quick access.
3. Surfing the web more powerful
Connecting the laptop to the wireless network is more troublesome in the past, but in Windows7, you can do it with just a few clicks. Select from the list of available networks in the taskbar, click on a network, and then connect. Once connected to the network, Windows 7 will remember this network and it will be convenient to connect automatically in the future.
4. Search smarter Windows 7 search is more intelligent. “Start” menu adds a large search box, the user enters the search content, and immediately searches for results grouped by category (for example, documents, pictures, music, emails, and programs); in a folder or library When searching, you can use a filter such as date or file type to fine tune your search results and use the preview pane to view the content of the results.
5. Easy family sharing
Windows 7 sharing files and printers on a home network is very simple. This can be done through the Win7 family group. After connecting two or more computers running Windows 7 to each other, you don't need to do too much to start sharing music, pictures, videos, and documents with others in your home. However, this feature requires Windows7 Home Premium or above to be better implemented. For some friends who purchase a branded computer pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, upgrading the premium version will have more features. Since the Windows 7 upgrade offer during the winter vacation last year was welcomed by many consumers, Microsoft has now launched a new round of activities to upgrade the pre-installed genuine Windows 7 Home Edition computer to Win7 Home Premium at the best price. Just get the Windows 7 Upgrade Key Package (WAU) from Microsoft-designated online (including Jingdong Mall, New Egg, Yi Xun) and offline malls (including Hongtu Sanbao, Shundian, Meicheng, Wande City). It can be upgraded immediately, and it is easy to operate without reinstalling the system. Since the event will end on the 31st of this month, the netizens who want to upgrade will seize the opportunity.
6. Media Streaming
Windows 7's Media Center is very powerful, allowing users to easily enjoy photos, videos, etc. in the media library, and can transfer music, videos and photos from PC to stereo devices in media streaming or Enjoy it on the TV. Of course, we have already mentioned the powerful sharing function. We can easily share our media library with other members of the family or friends.
7. IE9 Browser
Windows 7 system can be upgraded to Microsoft's next-generation browser IE9. IE9 not only has faster browsing speed, more powerful security functions, but also supports hardware acceleration and HTML5 and other latest features, bringing different users. Internet experience. IE9 browser can also be perfectly integrated with the Windows7 desktop theme, and supports many new features of Win7. Users who are using Windows7 computers should have more experience.

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