Teach you to extract wallpapers and sound files for Windows 7 themes


Windows 7 theme can only be used on Win7 system above Win7 Home Premium (Win7 Ultimate). If you want to download or get the wallpaper and sound in the theme, there is actually a very simple way to achieve it. With the current mainstream decompression tools, you can easily get the wallpapers and sounds in the Windows 7 theme pack.

Genuine Windows 7 (no piracy Win7 activation can not enter the system risk) theme package is very rich, the theme of the wallpaper is HD wallpaper, and Microsoft will launch a corresponding new theme every month Let your theme be different often!

The first step is to download your favorite theme

To extract the theme in Windows 7, the first thing is definitely to download your favorite Windows 7 theme. I downloaded an "angry little" Bird theme. You can click on the image below to go to the Windows 7 theme website to download your favorite theme.

second step, install third-party decompression software
currently the mainstream of China-made free decompression software has good pressure, pressure cool, 360 compression, the mainstream of the international The free decompression software has 7-zip, and the famous WinRAR and WinZip are available for a fee. Of course, Windows 7 also comes with a compression tool that can extract zip files.

New version of the good pressure series software download: HaoZip compression software (HaoZip) Click local download
Cool pressure series software new version download: Cool pressure CoolRAR Click local download
360 compression series software new version download: 360 compression Click local download
7-zip series software new version download: 7-Zip click local download

The third step, Unzip the Win7 theme file

As shown below, right-click on the Win7 theme file and select “Extract to ……”, OK, you're done! All wallpaper images and sound files in the Win7 theme have been extracted.
Unzip to ……
See the unzipped folder
All the theme sound schemes and wallpapers are here
See all the Angry Birds theme wallpapers

For users who use Windows 7 Home Basic, you can extract your favorite wallpapers in this way. If you want to use Windows 7 theme, it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, but it is not recommended to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate.

There are a lot of landscape themes in Windows 7 theme, you can extract some of your favorite wallpapers to collect.

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