What should I do if there is no sound in the Win 7 computer headset or speaker?

In the Windows 7 environment, the computer has no sound. What should I do? Usually, there are many reasons for this. For example, your audio device may be muted or an audio device. It may have been disabled, closed, and so on by Windows. However, as a primary user, it is often difficult to perform systematic inspections and accurate problem repairs. Here, Xiao Yi introduces you to a new and useful tool, Windows 7 to find and solve problems built-in system diagnostic tools, it can scan your computer and detect the root cause of common problems. In order to facilitate the demonstration, we assume that the hardware of the computer is working properly, but the headset is not plugged in, see what the system will give us. Open the Start menu, Control Panel; in System and Security, select Find and solve the problem; Open Hardware and Sound, under Sound Options, select Play Audio; in the Play Audio dialog box, click Next; In the Faults dialog, Select Headphones and click Next; at this point, it will give a diagnostic message: The peripherals are not plugged in; and a fix is ​​suggested: plug in the speakers or headphones. At this point, if you plug in the headphones or speakers and click the Next button, the system will automatically change the repair and give the following dialog: (You can click to view the details to get specific system diagnostics.) And if you are not plugged in Headphones or speakers, click the Next button directly, the system information will become the following: (Also, you can also click to view the details to get specific system diagnostics.) In this way, just select the options to be checked, the system It will automatically help you check and give you the corresponding repair suggestions; it is very fast and convenient.
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