Win7 system to prevent desktop theme from being tampered with specific methods


There are a lot of friends who use computers around to pursue personalized settings. Everyone knows that we can add theme desktops to our win7 system, but you need to crack the theme when you add the 20th. You can set the theme desktop. In the future, when people are surfing the Internet or running some software, it may cause our subject to be maliciously changed. So what is the reason? How can we let our theme not be tampered with? Let's take a look!

The specific method to prevent the theme desktop from being tampered with is as follows:

1. First, we directly select the shortcut key win+r to open the running window. After opening the window, we enter the command. Click on the confirmation for gpedit.msc and the local Group Policy Editor operation window will open.

2, in the open local Group Policy Editor window, everyone at this time open the path for the user configuration, management templates, control panel personalization options settings window, on the left side of the personalization settings window See that there is an option for "Block changes to the theme"; double click to open it.

3, after opening the block to change the theme settings window, we can click on the disabled option button inside, click directly "Apply, OK", then, and then close the local Group Policy Editor window can.

The three-step setup above prevents our theme desktop from being changed.

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