Win7 appears the program does not respond to what to do


Many users have downloaded the win7 Ultimate system, but they may encounter various problems when using it. For example, many users have responded that they have not responded to the program, and they have not seen it for a long time. It was so quiet that I had to close the page, which could be awkward. Then win7 Ultimate 64-bit pure version of the program does not respond to what to do?

1, open the computer, will "start" menu open, and then double-click to open "all programs", enter “Attachments”options, click on the "Run”.

2, after opening the run, directly into the regedit inside, you can run the registry, and then click OK.

3, then expand the following options in turn; HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop, r then right click on the blank space, re-establish a "DWORD 32-bit value".

4, after renaming it to WaitToKillAppTimeout, then double-click the file to determine the value of the key is 0, and finally save the changes directly and exit.

After the download of win7 Ultimate, the problem that the program does not respond is actually very common. As for the best solution, the above is the case. I hope everyone can have more problems when they encounter similar problems. Learn more and sum up, and solve it yourself.

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