Win7 search bar is missing how to get back


win7 pure version 64-bit download, many users feel very easy to use, but after using for a period of time, may encounter some problems, may be caused by their own operation Or it may be caused by the system's own problems. The most recent user response is that the search bar is missing and I don't know where to look. Then win7 pure version of the search bar is missing how to find it? Here is the specific search steps:

1, directly click into the control panel, left-click on the "program and function" option.

2. At this time, a new window will open, click on the “Open or close Windows function” option in the upper left.

3, this time will pop up a new dialog box, find "Windows Serach" in it and tick it, then I pop up a new dialog box, click OK, wait for about five minutes Time is all right. At this time, you can find the search box again.

The existence of the win7 64-bit flagship search bar makes our operation more convenient, but it is also very common to encounter such problems in the search bar. You can use the above method to quickly retrieve it, so you can search online.

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