How to open the seamless browser mode in win7 computer?


In general, in our w764 Ultimate system download, no matter which browser is used, whether it is the IE browser that comes with our win7 Ultimate system or the browser that users download themselves, browse After the webpage, the webpage information will be automatically recorded. The original Windows system means to facilitate future use, but for some users, it will feel like leaking their privacy, so what can we do? In fact, users who do not need this feature can open the browser's seamless browser mode in their own win7 Ultimate computer. Below, Xiaobian uses several commonly used browsers as an example to introduce the operation to everyone. The method!

First, the QQ browser, we only need to double-click to open the QQ browser in the win7 Ultimate computer, and then press Ctrl+shift+P on the keyboard, this will appear As shown in the following figure, let's click to select “Open a new non-marking window”.

Second, the next 360 browser, after we open the 360 ​​browser window, press Ctrl+shift+N on the keyboard at the same time, and then click to select the new incognito window in the menu that appears.

Third, the Google browser method is similar to the above 360 ​​browser method, also press Ctrl+shift+N at the same time, select to open a new incognito window in the slide menu.

Fourth, the last is IE browser, in the open IE browser window, we press Ctrl+shift+P on the keyboard, select to open the InPrivate browsing option.

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