Win7 Ultimate system slow down reason and speed-up skills


Cause one,

may be caused by windows7 system computer running too many background programs, because the computer will end before shutting down All applications are dropped, so if there are too many background programs, it will affect the shutdown speed to some extent.

Reason 2,

Because it is very slow to update the vulnerability or install the latest driver, this is normal, because the system needs to update and install the vulnerability, it takes time, usually install The process will be installed at boot and shutdown.

For the first reason, the best way is to upgrade the hardware, especially the SSD. After the upgrade, you will find that the boot and shutdown speeds are equally fast, but the SSD is more expensive, even if you buy it, it will be wasted. Our old hard drive, so I will teach you a way to set the registry to shorten the shutdown time.

1) First click on the Run option in the "Start" menu of the Windows 7 system, enter "ldedit", open the registry editor;

2) in the pop-up interface Expand and find the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control" option;

3) Find the "WaitToKillServiceTimeOut“ entry on the right side of the open registry (WaitToKillServiceTimeout is used to wait for the service to terminate, if there is a shutdown If a service does not stop automatically after the specified time, the operating system forces it to stop);

4) Then right-click and select “Edit” from the right-click menu, from the dialog box that opens. You can see that the default value of Windows 7 is 12000 (representing 12 seconds). Just change the value here to a lower level, such as 5 seconds or 7 seconds, which will make the system shutdown faster.

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