Win7 system can not open the webpage, always show offline? What should I do?


If the network is good, if it is normal, then we can use win7 Ultimate to download all the programs in the computer, whether it is a click program or a networked program, such as ours. QQ, IE browser, etc., but sometimes, we will find some unusual situations, just as our QQ program can be used for login, but IE browser can not open the webpage. No, today, a user who uses the Win7 Ultimate computer says that his network is connected, but the browser has been unable to open the webpage and has been showing offline. How do we solve this problem? Below, Xiaobian will introduce it in detail!

1. First, let's click to open the start menu of win7 Ultimate computer, and then enter the control panel interface.

2. In the control panel interface of the open win7 Ultimate computer, we click to select the Internet option.

3. In the Internet Options window that opens, let's switch the interface to the content column and enable the rating review.

4. After that, we will see a pop-up window for review. Let's just click on the OK button to save it. After that, a window for creating a guardian password may appear. Let us set the password.

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