What if the win7 Ultimate computer can't drag the icon from the menu to the desktop?


In general, we install a program on our Win7 64-bit Ultimate PC, which will generate a shortcut on the desktop, or the software will remind the user when installing, whether to create a shortcut But recently, users who use the win7 Ultimate computer say that when they install the program on the Win7 Ultimate computer, there will be no prompts, no shortcuts will appear on the desktop, not only that, they will be from the menu. The icon is dragged to the desktop of the computer, so there is such a problem, how do we solve it? Below, Xiaobian will introduce it in detail!

1. First, let's return to the win7 Ultimate computer. Desktop location, after that, we find a blank space on the desktop, click the right mouse button, select Personalize in the slide menu, then, in the personalized window that opens, click on the change desktop icon in the upper left corner, and then select the one to display. icon. If you don't find the personalization option in the right-click menu, you can try to find it in the control panel.

2. Another method is to open the start menu of win7 Ultimate computer, and then enter "ICO" in the search window to call "Show or hide the universal icon on the desktop" This interface selects the icon that needs to be displayed on the desktop as needed.

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