How to display the specific time and the number of weeks in the win7 computer taskbar


1. First, you can directly press the win button to open the computer's start menu. In the start menu, we see the control panel options, click to open to enter the new window.

2, then in the control panel window, you select the clock, language and area to click into the window, this time we need to adjust the time is also required to click to open the settings.

3, click on the area and language "Change date, time or number format" option;

4, after entering the settings interface, I switch to the format, and then see the default Chinese, this time you can set the short as expected or long date, we can input dddd.

5, then in the example below you can see the re-set of the Chevalier, we found that the day of the week will be displayed, you can click to close after seeing the correct display window.

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