Win7 system uses CMD prompt "not internal or external command" how to do


win7 system can use CMD command to perform any operation settings, some users feedback the win7 system normally used CMD command, suddenly prompt: "not internal or external commands , is not a runnable program or batch file ", why is this happening? Then how to deal with this problem, follow the small steps to see the detailed solution steps.

Variable name: path

Variable value: %SystemRoot%system32;

(Keep the original content, add the variable value before, don't forget the semicolon , her role is to separate the variables)

How to set the system environment variables:

1, open the system properties, click on the advanced system settings in the list on the left, then switch to the advanced tab, Click on the environment variable;

2. Right click on the desktop icon, select Properties, select Advanced, click "System Environment Variables";

The win7 system uses the CMD prompt "Do not use internal or external commands" to explain the solution here. If you can't open the CMD command next time, you can refer to the above method.

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