Solve the method of replaying sound after recording the microphone under Windows7 Ultimate system


Analysis of the cause of small replay sound after microphone recording:

1. The microphone may be set to a lower volume

2. The sound card driver is not installed correctly

The specific solution is as follows:

1. First click on the small speaker icon on the Windows 7 Ultimate system taskbar, and then select "recording device";

2. Pop up In the sound interface, switch to the “Record” tab, then double-click the default device “Microphone”;

3. In the pop-up microphone properties window, switch to the “Level” option. Card, adjust the volume of the "microphone" to the appropriate, and adjust the "microphone boost" to the appropriate low, then click OK;

4, if not, replace it with the driver wizard Different versions of the sound card driver are all you need.

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