Win7 64-bit pure version of msvcp71.dll file loss caused by boot abnormalities


As we all know, the files in the system disk is very important for the system, if some files in the system are missing, it is easy to cause the system Bump, the user manually deletes the system file, causing the computer to boot when it is not normal, open the computer, pop-up msvcp71.dll file is missing, then how to solve this problem? msvcp71.dll file is the file The important files in the folder are automatically created during the installation of the win7 64-bit pure version of the operating system. If msvcp71.dll is not found, some systems and applications will not run. The following small series for everyone to share specific solutions.

Specific solution steps:

1. If you have the same version of the computer msvcp71.dll file, you can copy the msvcp71.dll file directly in the computer. If you can't find the same version of the computer, then You can search and download the msvcp71.dll file on the Internet. After that, we will copy this file directly to the system directory.

2, need to pay attention, the path of different versions of the copy is also different:

Windows NT/2000 system, then copy to the C: WINNTSystem32 directory.

Windows XP/vista/7/8 system, and x86 (32-bit system), copy to C: WindowsSystem32 directory.

Windows 7/8 x64 system, copied under C: windowssysWOW64.

3, after completion, press the win + r shortcut to open the computer's running window, enter regsvr32 /s msvcp71.dll in the run window and click Enter.

Win7 64-bit pure version msvcp71.dll file is missing, causing the boot exception solution to be introduced here, the next time you encounter the same fault problem can be easily solved, I hope to help everyone!

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