How to manually modify the default installation address of Win7 software (default is C drive)


We usually pop up the installation address during the process of installing the software. Users can manually select which hard disk to install, but some software does not pop up the installation address. At this time, Win7 system directly saves to C by default. :Program Files folder, this is very uncomfortable for many users, as the system disk users do not want to install the software to the C drive, then how do we change the default installation address? After the following tutorial explanation, I believe you can understand.

First, in the Win7 system desktop start menu, call up the run dialog box, then enter the regedit command to open the registry editor. Then expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion item in the registry, then find the ProgramFilesDir item in the right pane, double-click to open the value for editing, and change the default value to the path you want to modify. If you want to save the system default program installation path to D:Program Files, change it to D:Program Files in the value modification window that you just opened.

Second, then copy the C:Program Files folder permissions to the D drive Program Files folder. In the ghost win7 system command prompt window, enter the following command xcopy “C:Program Files” “D:window” /E /H /K /X /Y.

Third, after obtaining the permission on the D drive, delete the file under the path of the C drive.

After the above operation, no matter what software you install under Win7 system, the system default installation address will become your own set location, will not be installed in the C drive directory. Moreover, after this setting, the trouble of the user selecting the path of the software process can be reduced. Is it great?

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