How to repair RAR compressed file under Win7 system


1. First open the WinRAR software, open the damaged main window in the main window to open the directory where the damaged compressed file is located, and then select the damaged compressed file;

2. Click on the interface after selecting it. <;Tools>—“Fixed Compressed Files>;

3. In the pop-up "Repairing" window, click the "Browse" button to set up the saved files. Path, then select a repaired file format in the "compressed file type", set it and click the OK button, so WinRAR software will start to repair the damaged compressed file;

4 After waiting for the WinRAR software to be repaired, enter the directory where the specified repair file is stored, and you can find a compressed file named “_reconst.rar” or “”, which is the file that has been fixed by WinRAR software. ;

5. Finally, we decompress the files that have been fixed. If everything is normal, the damaged compressed files have been fixed.

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