Win7 Ultimate system how to turn off the screen automatically adjust the brightness function


Method one,

1, first open the control panel of the win7 Ultimate system, and then choose to open the "power options" items;

2, then in the open interface, click on the right side of the "Change Plan Settings" item;

3, in the open interface, select Click “ change advanced power settings & rdquo;;

4, in the pop-up power options interface, expand the "Show" menu, then expand "Enable Adaptive Brightness", then turn off <;Use the battery” and “ & rdquo;, the brightness will not be automatically adjusted;

Method 2,

1, right click on the computer icon to select the management option, open the management interface, expand “ service And the application -- service & rdquo;, then find and double-click "Sensor Monitoring Service" in the right window; this service;

2, then "set type" & rdquo; select &ld Quo; manual & rdquo;, then click “ stop button & rdquo;, then click OK to exit.

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