Win7 delete files without the operation skills of the recycle bin


How does Win7 completely delete files? Everyone in the process of using Win7 computer will definitely produce a lot of junk files. Usually, we will right-click to delete the files, so that the junk files will run to the recycle bin, which also occupies the system space. And some users want to delete files directly and not let them enter the recycle bin. How do I do this? The method is very simple, the following small series provides you with two different methods of operation.

Win7 delete files without the Recycle Bin operating skills:

Method One:

1, first select the files you want to delete, then press the keyboard & ldquo ;shift+Delete”Combination shortcuts;

2, then a dialog box for deleting files will pop up. This box is different from usual. Is there a prompt to delete this file permanently? Click &ldquo ; is & rdquo; button to delete permanently.

Method Two:

First, right-click the file you want to delete, then press and hold the keyboard above the & ldquo; shift & rdquo; key may wish to select & ldquo; delete & rdquo ;, & ldquo click ; Confirm the & rdquo; button, so deleted files can be deleted directly without the recycle bin.

The above is the operation skill of Win7 to delete files without going through the recycle bin. Please use them carefully. After the files are completely deleted, it is troublesome to retrieve them.

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