What folder is the assembly inside the Win7 system C drive?


If the Win7 system computer is running very slowly, we will clean up the computer system disk. If you see some useless folders, you can delete them directly. However, in the process of operation, I saw a folder named "assembly", and this folder takes up a lot of space, so what folder is the assembly?

& ldquo; assembly & rdquo; folder is .Net Framework & rdquo; automatically created (e.g. installation office2007), comprising a logical combination GAC directory hosting one or more modules and a number of resource files. If you delete the folder at will, it will cause many programs to fail.

After reading the above introduction, we have a certain understanding of the assembly folder, so it is recommended that users do not delete the assembly folder, because some of the applications we usually use need files in the assembly folder. To support the operation.

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