What should I do if the Win7 system sogouexe.exe cannot be deleted?


Today's Sogou input method is a favorite input method for many users, but with the advancement of technology, the input method has become more and more, and some users find that other input methods are more useful, so I want to delete the original Sogou input method, but because the sogouexe.exe file in Sogou input method is too stubborn, there is no way to delete it. What should I do if this happens? The following small series for everyone to introduce the Win7 system delete sogouexe.exe file.


1. On the sogouexe.exe file, click “right click”, “---"; attribute”---<quo;security” enter the property interface, click “ld”; Edit & rdquo;, as shown:

2, this time you will find no editing rights, the box is gray, as shown below:

3, in the property interface point "advanced" ;---“Owner”----“Edit”, then select “Administrators”point"application”---“OK"  and then go back to the property interface. As shown:

4, then click "Edit", you will find that there are editing rights, put the top two hooks, click OK, then you can put sogouexe The .exe file has been deleted, as shown in the figure:

The above is the solution that cannot be deleted by the sogouexe.exe in the Win7 system introduced by Xiaobian. If there are users who have encountered the same problem, try the above. Steps to take a look at the operation.

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