How to solve the problem of echo when the computer speaks with a microphone?


When we chat with friends on the QQ or the battle platform, sometimes there will be a microphone echo. This kind of problem may be caused by the driver, software settings, etc., then there is a situation in which the computer speaks with a microphone. How to solve it? The following small series introduces you to the solution that the computer uses a microphone to speak and echo.

Operation steps:

1. Open [Control Panel], find and click [Hardware and Sound];

2. In the [Hardware and Sound] window, click [ Sound] → [Change system sound];

3. In the [Sound] window, open the [Record] tab, select [Mic Default Device], click the [Properties] button;

4. In the [Microphone Default Device Properties] window, open the [Listening] tab, remove the [Listen to this device] selection, and finally click the [OK] button.

The above small series introduces the computer with a microphone to speak the echo solution. It is very simple to talk about how to solve the problem with the computer microphone. It is a simple step, the idea is to know that it is in the sound. Set inside, and the sound can be found in the control panel.

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