What is the process of TenioDL.exe? Can the TenioDL.exe process be disabled?


When the computer runs the comparison card, we will open the task manager to see if any processes are secretly running. When the viewing process runs, we see a process named TenioDL.exe. After reading the description, The discovery is related to Tencent (Tencent), then what is the process? At the same time, this process takes up a lot of memory, can TenioDL.exe be disabled?

 TenioDL.exe” is a download process of Tencent Games, as long as you download Tencent games or install it, if you have updated or installed Tencent games, then after the update/installation, The process does not automatically exit. It is recommended to manually end the process after the download is complete.

Then many players who play LOL (League of Legends) will find that if there is a "teniodl.exe" process, the update speed is very slow, which is the pothole thing that Tencent uses to limit the speed of our players, that is, It is generally said that it will reduce your download speed by 20% to 50%.

So will the TenioDL.exe process be disabled?

Disabling or ending the TenioDL.exe process will have no effect, and if you find a Tencent game update, ending the TenioDL.exe process will result in an increase in update speed. The League of Legends update is the most typical example. The TenioDL.exe process is usually not finished. The update speed is only about 200KB/s. After the end, the speed can be increased to the same speed as the broadband.

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