Win7 hard disk rotation sound response measures


Some users reacted to the use of the computer, the sound of the hard disk rotation is particularly large, do not know what caused it, there is no good solution. The following small series will teach you how to respond to the sound of the hard disk in the Win7 system.

1. Click the “Start” menu on the desktop, then enter the control panel in the “Start” menu, and then use the “category” to view the control panel. Click on the mouse to enter “&” ; hardware and sound & rdquo; interface, select & ldquo; power options & rdquo ;, then & ldquo; balance & rdquo; at select & ldquo; change plan settings & rdquo; option;

2. in the & ldquo; change In the program settings page, select the “Open Advanced Power Settings” button in the lower left corner. At this time, a small power window will pop up, and expand the “HDD” item in its window to connect it. The power setting is “never”; after the setting is completed, the sound of “&” is no longer issued when the hard disk is restarted.

above is in Win7 system hard disk rotation big voice response. If the user encounters this problem again during use, he can solve it by the above method.

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