Avoid win7 network settings error, delete Bonjour


Bonjour, Chinese called zero configuration networking, can automatically discover computers, devices and services on the IP network. It is one of the win7 systems. Because Bonjour uses the industry standard IP protocol to allow devices to automatically discover each other, it sometimes brings users an IP pet or multiple network troubles. Under win7 system, we only need to delete Bonjour to avoid the problem of network setting error. Let's look at the steps.

1. First use win+r to call up the operation, enter cmd, and enter “C:\\ProgramFiles\\Bonjour\\mDNSResponder.exe" –remove.

2, into the folder C: \\ Program Files \\ After Bonjour, modify inside mdnsNSP.dll file instead mdnsNSP.txt. Then restart the computer, re-enter C:\\Program Files and then delete Bonjour.

Restart your computer and see that the annoying Bonjour folder disappears. It won't start up again, and there won't be a process associated with it to burden your computer. Delete the Bonjour file. The computer has no effect, users can safely use this operation to delete it to solve the problem of network settings error.

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