Solve the perfect solution that Win7 gadget can't start automatically


Win7 system has been favored by users with its practicality and aesthetics. It has a large number of users, so many people like desktop gadgets in Win7 system. This gadget can be automatically started at boot time, sometimes it will inevitably encounter problems that cannot be automatically started. How is this good?

The Win7 gadget can't be started automatically:

1. Start Menu -> Run -> Enter msconfig and press Enter.

2. In the System Configuration window, click the Startup tab to see if there is a C:\\Program Files\\Windows Sidebar\\sidebar.exe/autoRun startup item, and some are ticked in front. Don't worry if you don't have it, look down.

3. Open the computer and enter the following path C:\\Program Files\\Windows Sidebar in the address bar. If the system disk is not the C drive, change it and find the gadget sidebar.exe file.

4. Open the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Start, right click to open all users.

5. Copy and paste the Sidebar.exe file found above into the “Startup” folder, then we will finish it, then repeat the first step.

The above five simple steps are not particularly simple. If you are experiencing the problem that the desktop gadget cannot be started automatically during the process of using Win7 system, then you can solve it manually. !

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