How to deal with the lack of sound on the webpage after reinstalling the system


Whenever you encounter something, you will basically choose to reinstall the system, but reinstalling the system is not a panacea. Sometimes, after reinstalling the system, there will be some unexpected problems or problems. Today, I encountered a strange thing. The local player listened to the song and watched the movie. But it played the FLASH of Tudou, Youku, Yo and other websites, as well as the RMVB and WMV videos in the online movie. There is no sound, and the music in the webpage is the same. Can't listen. You can hear the sound by playing videos, music, and FLASH animations on your hard disk. It can be concluded that this has nothing to do with the driver. Reloading the drive did not help. If you have encountered such problems, solve them together:

This problem is also very common in Windows XP/Vista. It is not related to Windows 7. Generally, what optimization software is used or installed and uninstalled. Kind of decoder caused.

To solve this problem, click “Start”Menu→“Run"Enter“regedit” and press Enter to open the Registry Editor, click on the left pane and click ldquo ; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers32”, then check in the right pane for the value of "wavemapper". If not, right-click in the blank space on the right pane to create a new string value called “wavemapper”, and then double-click the value to set its “Value Data” to “msacm32.drv”. Restart your computer to resolve the issue.

Tip: If there is no sound after setting according to the above method, please check if there is a volume icon in the system tray. If not, open “sound and audio device properties”, select “put the volume icon into the taskbar", and there will be a sound.

It is annoying to have no sound after the system is installed. Of course, you can also consider whether it is a sound card problem or other hardware problems, but it is best to start with the problem mentioned in the tutorial. It is very fast.

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