Introducing 17 fascinating tips for Windows 7


1. Protecting privacy, hiding information

In Windows 7, users can choose to close their own location and other browser-like information, such as when a user visits a site, it may Asking the user if they want to know where they are or directly display the substation where the user is located may be awkward for the user.

In Windows 7, a new IE function called "InPrivate Filter" is provided to solve this problem for users.

2, establish a fast home network

Windows 7 system provides a home network function, users can quickly map, documents, music, video with other Windows7 members in the home network And sharing of printers, etc.

3, query reliability history

When using a computer, it is inevitable that some problems, such as crashes or application hangs. Now Windows 7 system improves the query reliability history information for users and helps users understand the details.

How to: Type Reliability in the Instant Search Bar to open the Reliability Monitor, which shows the reliability history of the user system over time.

4, users can easily see the computer diagnosis in 60 seconds

Windows7, you can open the system command prompt directly by starting the system diagnostics distributed control system, and then in the instant search Type perfmon in the column to see the computer diagnostic report.

5, the administrator can force the user to play the game time

In Windows 7, the administrator only needs to use the parental control in the control panel to limit the time the user plays the game.

6, find the "missing" tools

Windows system WindowsMail and photo library and other tools are often transferred to a download site called LiveEssentials. Of course, when users need to use it, they can also be installed when installing Windows Live Messenger.

7, PowerShell speed up work

Windows7 built-in PowerShell v2, can provide users with powerful remote processing capabilities. In PowerShell, users can also execute other systems through command line tasks.

Windows 7 is Microsoft's latest operating system, and market penetration is steadily rising. As a brand new operating system, Windows 7 new features and new techniques are naturally quite a lot.

8, taskbar icon keyboard shortcut

Windows 7 has a number of new features for the taskbar design, add a small window to quickly preview the application, the taskbar translucent design. In addition, there is a taskbar icon keyboard shortcut design that can be quickly opened with shortcut keys.

Tips: Press and hold the “Win” button and press the number corresponding to the program icon on your keyboard to quickly open the application window. For example, in the general Win 7 taskbar, the default IE is the first icon, and the user can open the IE browser by holding down Win-1. Of course, users can choose to press other numbers to open other applications while holding down the “Win” key.

If IE browser opens multiple webpages, you can continue to hold down the “Win” key, release 1 key, press “Tab” to switch IE webpage window.

9, the items on the taskbar can be moved freely

Windows 7 taskbar has a function, that is, you can freely move the application's icons, free to change their front and rear position. Maybe some users may think that this feature XP and vista already have, but this is a new feature in Windows 7. Easily hold down the program icon and drag it to the appropriate location with your mouse.

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