What if the Win7 printer can't access the share?


What should I do if the Win7 printer cannot access the share? I believe many users have encountered this situation. Recently, many users are reporting that Win7 printers cannot access the sharing. What is going on? How to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce Win7 printer can not access the shared solution.

Win7 printers have less shared sharing guesses are the following cases

Case 1: Win7 system LAN share button becomes gray can not be used

Case 2: Win7 System shared printer can't access

Case 3: Win7 system can't search for shared printer but other computers can

The following solutions are made for three situations:

Case 1 Reason Analysis:

The system's Usage Sharing Wizard is not enabled.

I. as follows:

1, just open a folder, click the top left corner of the & ldquo; tissue & rarr; Folder and Search Options & rdquo ;;

2. In the folder options window, switch to the “View” item. Under the Advanced Settings, check “Use the Share Wizard” and click OK.

Solution two cases of:

First, you are prompted to enter the account number and password to access

Reason: This is because the guest account is not enabled, enable it .

Resolution: Start - "Control Panel - "User Account and Home Security -" Add or Remove Account - "Guest-" enabled.

Second, suggesting no access to

Reason: Permissions for Guest did not open, allow Guest access to this computer


1. In the beginning, enter “gpedit.msc”Open the local Group Policy Editor;

2, select the computer configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings - "Local Policies -" User Rights Assignment - ”Refuse to access this computer from the network and delete the guest.

Win7 system can not access the shared printer Cause and Solution two shared here, and the cause of this situation are mainly two, we can to deal with the problem according to different situations.

Case 3 Solution:

Win7 can't find a solution for LAN printers:

1. From the “Start Menu” menu to open the “Control Panel”. select & ldquo; network and sharing Center & rdquo; (small icon view);

2, select & ldquo; change adapter settings & rdquo ;;

3, in & ldquo; wireless In the network connection, right click and select “Attributes” (if the network connection is selected, “Local Area Connection”);

4. In the pop-up “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” select & ldquo; properties & rdquo ;;

5, select & ldquo; Superior & rdquo ;;

6, the pop-up window, select & ldquo; Wins & rdquo; tab, hook choose & ldquo; LMHOSTS Find & rdquo ;, set & ldquo; NetBIOS & rdquo; is the default;

7, click on the & ldquo; OK & rdquo ;. Search again to successfully search for the printer.

The above is a small solution for everyone to introduce Win7 printer can not access the shared solution. If you are experiencing problems with Win7 printers that cannot be shared, you can follow the steps above.

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