How should the Win7 system open the Aero peek function?


There is an Aero Peek function in Win7 system, which is the desktop preview function. It can view the desktop through all windows, and can also use it to quickly switch windows. It is very practical, but what about this Aero Peek function? Open it? In response to this problem, Xiaobian provides three ways to open the Aero Peek function.

How should the Win7 system turn on the Aero peek function?

Method a:

1, space in the taskbar right-click to open the menu and select & ldquo; & rdquo ;, shown in FIG attribute;

2, Go to the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” window and check “Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop” and click “OK”.

Method two:

1, right-click on the desktop & ldquo; computer & rdquo; open the menu, select & ldquo; property & rdquo ;;

2 into & ldquo; rear window, click on the lower left corner of the & ldquo;; system settings & rdquo performance information and tools & rdquo ;;

3, to & ldquo; performance information and tools & rdquo; the interface, click on the left side of the & ldquo; adjust visual effects & rdquo ;;

4, open & ldquo; performance options & rdquo; after window, found in the list below the & ldquo; enable Aero Peek & rdquo ;, to check, and then Click “OK”

Method three:

1, the press table & ldquo; Win + R & rdquo; shortcuts Open & ldquo; run & rdquo; window, enter & ldquo; services.msc & rdquo; and click OK open the service;

2, enter & ldquo; services & rdquo; after window, found in the list of & ldquo; Desktop window Manager Session Manager & rdquo; service, double-click to open;

4. Open its properties window and set “Startup Type" to “Auto", click the “Start” button to open it, and finally click OK. Three methods

And that Win7 system is turned on Aero peek feature to introduce here, if you do not know how to turn Aero peek feature, the above-mentioned three methods can help you.

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