Win7 automatically restart after shutdown how to do win7 shutdown automatically restart after what is the reason


win7 shutdown automatically restart how to do? Some users find that auto7 restarts automatically when it is shut down. What is the reason for automatic restart after win7 shutdown? The following small series for everyone to introduce!

What should I do if auto7 restarts after shutdown?

1. Return to the desktop of the win7 computer, then find the computer icon, right click on the computer and select the property option at the bottom.

2, the computer properties window that opens, we click on the left side of the Advanced System Settings button, and then in the interface open the window switch to advanced in this column, click the final "start and Settings button under "Failure recovery".

3, the next will pop up and fault recovery as shown in the following figure in the window, the system will fail under the "automatic restart" option unchecked, and finally click OK to save your settings .

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