Win7 control panel can not open how to do win7 control panel open blank solution


win7 control panel can not open how to do? Many users open the win7 control panel, found that can not open or blank, the following describes the win7 control panel to open a blank solution, together with Xiaobian to understand it!

The win7 control panel opens a blank solution:

One: Press the Win key on the keyboard simultaneously to open the "Run" dialog box, or click on the "Start" menu of the Win7 system. "run" dialog box in the run, after the input instruction gpedit.msc carriage return, open group policy editor ghost win 7;

II: group policy editing system Win7 vessel, the bottom of the mouse to the left side of the screen to open the last "user configuration" option, click open the "Administrative templates", select "Administrative templates" in the "control panel" option;

three: pull down under "control panel" option win7 Ultimate group policy editor, click a few times to open the "disable access to control panel" of this option, and then double-click on this option to open the configuration interface;

Four: If the status of the "no access control panel" option is "on", then the control panel is disabled because of this, just select "close" and then return to the "start" menu of the win7 system. direct Click to open it.

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